Sawaday: Fragrance

Long-lasting Deodorization Effect at Home

  • žLarge volume effectively eliminates odors with long lasting effect.
  • žThick filter paper fully absorbs deodorizing liquid inside the bottle which gives you a refreshing room atmosphere.
  • žReplace by a new deodorizer when the liquid vaporizes gradually.

Kinds of Fragrance
Japanese Green Tea
Japanese Sukura

Where to Use
Sawaday Deo Place
Suitable for Hallway, Living Room or Bedroom.

How to Use

  • žTear off the plastic wrap cover. (Keep the instruction at the lower part.)
  • žAs per illustration, rotate the outer cover in the left or right direction to open it.
  • žRotate the inner cap in anticlockwise direction and take it out
  • žReplace by the cap with filter paper provided, and insert the filter paper into the liquid, compress it tightly.
  • žCover back the outer cover.

Duration of Usage: About 1-2 months (Depends on the environmental condition)

Volume: 350 mL

Amphoteric Surfactant type Deodorant
Non-ion Surfactant


  • žDo not drink this product.
  • žAvoid contact with eyes or skin. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water.
  • žIf case of accidental intake, drink plenty of water. If unusual situation occurs, consult a physician with this product immediately.
  • žKeep out of reach of children.
  • žKeep the product upright to avoid leakage of the liquid.
  • žTake the whole bottle while moving it around to avoid fall off.
  • žIf spilled, wipe off immediately to avoid stain.
  • žAvoid direct sunlight, high temperature or humidity.
  • žUse only as directed.