Sawaday: Charcoal Deodorizer

Activated Charcoal Filter eliminates odors of Bathroom, Smoke and Food.

  • žThe activated charcoal filter with deodorizing ingredients can strongly absorb and deodorize indoor odors.
  • žSimply place in any environment to keep the deodorizing effect.
  • žEconomic bulk pack to extend the refreshing effect.

Kind of Fragrance
For Bathroom
For Smoke – Citrus
For Food

Where to Use
Sawaday Deo Place
Suitable for entrance, living room or bedrooms

How to Use

  • žTear off the plastic wrap cover. (Keep the instruction at the lower part.)
  • žAs per illustration, rotate the outer cover in the left or right direction to open it.
  • žRotate the inner cap in anticlockwise direction and take it out
  • žReplace by the cap with filter paper provided, and insert the filter paper into the liquid, compress it tightly.
  • žCover back the outer cover.

Duration of Usage: About 1-2 months (Depends on the environmental condition)

Volume: 350 mL

Surfactant Deodorant
Non-ion Surfactant
Activated Carbon.


  • žDo not drink this product.
  • žAvoid contact with eyes or skin. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water.
  • žIf case of accidental intake, drink plenty of water. If unusual situation occurs, consult a physician with this product immediately.
  • žKeep out of reach of children.
  • žKeep the product upright to avoid leakage of the liquid.
  • žTake the whole bottle while moving it around to avoid fall off.
  • žIf spilled, wipe off immediately to avoid stain.
  • žAvoid direct sunlight, high temperature or humidity.
  • žUse only as directed.