Cooling Effect lasts for Whole Night

  • Koolfever helps to reduce heat, relieve fever in a natural way and can be applied to children aged 2 years and older.
  • Koolfever is ready to use when your child has sudden feverish symptoms.
  • Comfortable and stable cooling effect persists for about 8 hours per sheet.
  • Koolfever safety and gently adheres to kid’s forehead so it stays well in place even the user turns in bed or makes any body movement
  • Koolfever has the size perfectly fitted to kid’s forehead

When to Use

  • Headache      Tooth Pain     Skin or muscle feeling hot or pain

How to Use

  • Store in refrigerator for better cooling effect. (Do not store in freezer)
  • Remove the transparent film, and tightly attach the gel cooling surface on the desired body area.
  • Use each cooling gel sheet once only due to the reason of sanitation and effectiveness.


  • Do not use the cooling gel sheet on eyes or any injured body area (e.g. cut, eczema, rash, burns, thermal injury, etc.)
  • Take extra care while using the cooling gel sheet on babies and infants or persons with weak skin. If any irritation such as swelling, rashes, etc., occurs during or after use, stop using immediately and consult a dermatologist.
  • When the cooling gel sheet is used on babies and infants or those who cannot apply the product themselves, use under supervision of parents or other responsible adults, and pay special attention not to let them eat or place the product into their mouth or nostril to prevent from suffocation.
  • The cooling gel sheet does not stick well if the skin is sweating or the sheet is attached on surfaces with hair or eyebrows.
  • Avoid storing in places under high temperature. Keep in a dark cool place for storage.
  • The cooling gel sheet is not a medicine. If fever persists, please consult a doctor.