Cooling Effect lasts for Whole Night

  • žReady to use when any family member has fever.
  • žNo need to cool in refrigerator. Convenient to use.
  • žSuitable size for sticking on armpit, neck, back, or leg surroundings where it is relatively narrow.
  • žAdhesive gel sheet stays well in place even the user turns in bed or makes any body movement.
  • žNo Fragrance or colour is used, mild to skin.
  • Refreshing cooling effect persists for about 8 hours.

How to Use

  • žRemove the transparent film and tightly stick the gel cooling surface to desired body parts.
  • žAfter open, fold the aluminium bag twice along the dotted line and keep in the box or refrigerator.
  • žPlease dry sweat or water on the skin before use to avoid the adhesion of the sheet being weakened.
  • žCooling effect lasts for about 8 hours. Replace another sheet when cooling effect is passed.
  • žKeep in refrigerator for use for more obvious cooling effect. (Do not keep in freezer)

Quantity: 14 sheets (2 sheets x 7 sachets) 50mm x 65mm


  • žDo not apply on eyes or skin with abnormal symptoms (including wound, eczema, rash, etc.)
  • žIf discomfort (itch or pain, etc.) or abnormal situations (redness, swell, rash, etc.) occur on skin during or after use, please stop using immediately. If symptoms persist, please consult dermatologist.
  • žWhen it is used on infants or persons who cannot use the product themselves, please use under supervision of parents or other responsible adults with utmost care to avoid accidental intake or placing the sheet over mouth or nostril that may cause suffocation.
  • žSince this product does not contain preservative, please use within 1 week after opening. Recommend to put in refrigerator and avoid direct sunlight.
  • žEach sheet can be used once only.
  • žIt is not a pharmaceutical product. Please consult physician if fever persists.