Sawaday: Car Duo

Duo Action Deoderization!

  • žEffectively transforms car smell by the combined power of 2 liquids specially for deodorization and perfuming effects.
  • žEffective about 45 days. (depending on conditions of usage).

How to Use

  • žSlowly pull aluminium tab in the direction of the arrow. Dispose the tab after.
  • žAttach the enclosed vent clip to the container.
  • žClip the air refresher in the car vent (To prevent any accidents, make sure that the clip will not fall off easily).

Volume: 4.6 mL


  • žDo not disassemble the product or pull out the liquid container.
  • žDo not clip the product to the driver’s side vent.
  • žClip to an appropriate position so as not to case hindrance to the driver even if it fall off.
  • žThere is a chance of the product falling off when clipped to places other than the car vent.
  • žKeep away from fire, under sunlight or high temperature.
  • žTurn off auto-swing of vent when the product is set.
  • žClip to an appropriate position so to not hinder the activation of air-bag system.
  • žThe product may not be usable depend on the shape and thickness of vent.
  • žPlease use the product only with the enclosed clip to prevent damage to interior of car.
  • žIf the liquid spills, clean up immediately.
  • žKeep out of reach of children.
  • žUse only as direction.
  • žDo not install, adjust or ingest.
  • žIf the liquid contacts with eyes or skin, rinse well with clean water for at least 15 minutes.
  • žIn case of accidental intake, drink plenty of water and consult a physician immediately.